18th Maggio 2019

Francesca & Riccardo

The time has come to tell you about the last love story that concludes the wedding session for this May 2019

The story I was lucky enough to take part in was that of Francesca and Riccardo, two peers, young and simple boys who decided to get married in my beautiful Marina di Castagneto (LI), at the “I Ginepri” hotel.

It all started a few months ago when Francesca contacted me almost at the beginning of the season to let me know that she wanted to have a quote for her event.

We always meet in Marina di Castagneto, we define all the details of the wedding and we make an appointment for the same day of the event, on May 18th.

The dressing begins in the early afternoon, as the wedding was scheduled for the second part of the day and then continued with an aperitif and dinner.

The marriage with a civil ceremony, celebrated by a dear friend of the spouses, took place on the beach with a very bizarre weather that kept us in suspense until the end of the ceremony, with black clouds coming down from the mountains towards the sea, but for luck dissolved before pouring on the spouses and their guests.

All the while the party was entertained by the music and irony of Giacomo Rossetti, a famous Tuscan performer who gives his performances a touch of vivacity and quality that only a few in that field can do.

The party continued pleasantly, there were some karaoke moments with some guests along with Giacomo and after a short dinner we arrived at the final moment, the cutting of the cake.

This was for me one of those marriages that leaves you a beautiful memory inside, that beyond the work done you are happy to have taken part in it.

It was really nice to have taken part in it and I sincerely hope with all my heart that these two boys walk together for the rest of their lives, side by side, as one.

Thanks so much to Francesca and Riccardo for relying on my work, my dedication, my way of telling.

Thanks to those who made this wonderful event possible:
– PHOTOGRAPHY: Alessio Nobili
– BRIDE DRESS: Le Spose di Teresa Costanzi, Livorno
– CATERING, LOCATION AND WEDDING CAKE: I Ginepri Hotel, Marina di Castagneto Carducci (LI)
– WEDDING PARTICIPATIONS: Creative di Giada Pampana, Venturina (LI)
– BOMBONIERE: WWF, donation for the sea project (cleaning of the sea and beaches)
– MAKE-UP MAKE-UP: Chiara Creatini di “Estetica Aria”, Venturina (LI)
– WEDDING FEDI: Teresa Marcello, Arezzo
– BRIDAL HAIR: Cosmo Disegna i Tuoi Capelli, Donoratico (LI)
– ENTERTAINMENT: Giacomo Rossetti

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