Foto di Alessio Nobili, www.alessionobili.it
Foto di Alessio Nobili, www.alessionobili.it
Foto di Alessio Nobili, www.alessionobili.it
Foto di Alessio Nobili, www.alessionobili.it
Foto di Alessio Nobili, www.alessionobili.it
8th September 2018

Glenda & Morgan

A few months ago I received a call from Morgan where he told me that he and his wonderful girlfriend would be married on 8 September 2018.

Enthusiastic about this news, I learn that they would have enjoyed engaging me as their photographer.

It all starts with our first meeting at their home in “La California”.

Right from the start it is evident how simplicity and practicality in things are fundamental terms in the life of this young couple; we agree together on the details of the ceremony and reception, but I immediately notice a detail that leaves me perplexed: at home there wasn’t even a printed photo.

Intrigued, I ask the future spouses why there was no trace even of an old photo as a child or a photo together and Glenda’s voice overwhelms me, taking with me a comical / psychopathic laugh:
I don’t like photos.

I remain for a moment dazed and perplexed, but then I think back to how much these two lovers are a world of their own and then I understand that in reality it is quite normal to find oddities in such special people!

A few days before the wedding we agreed on the last times to define the wedding dress and when the ceremony would be held.

The civil ceremony was repeated twice, the first in the municipality of Bibbona (LI), and the second in the place where the reception was held, at Sal8, San Carlo (LI).

The day passed quickly and in the afternoon, after taking pictures with the bride and groom in the beautiful Tuscan landscapes, we moved to Sal8 where all the guests were waiting for the newlyweds in glory.

After the classic ritual photos, together with the spouses we have created some wonderful situations thanks above all to the beautiful location and the love we breathed in the air.

To conclude, I can only thank these two wonderful guys again for choosing me on their day. I would just like to add how nice it was for me to see such an unusual love, so reserved; this gave me the opportunity to understand how certain loves are a thousand times more true than many others.

Thanks guys for making me live a day so beautiful and full of emotions.


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