28th Novembre 2019

Lisa & Giacomo

I love this time, I love being able to take some time to talk to my spouses, now that the season is slowly starting towards the end.

The story I have the pleasure to tell you today, after a week of marriage, is that of Lisa and Giacomo, two young boys, my peers who after a life spent together decided to complete this beautiful photo with their yes.

Lisa and Giacomo are two simple boys, and I noticed it immediately from our first meeting, two guys who looked at the essentials.

I have personally known Lisa for a long time and it was a real pleasure for me to receive her phone call a few months ago when she contacted me for the first time to tell me that she would take me as a photographer at her wedding.

It all starts with the first meeting, the classic meeting where I expose my services to the couple, the different packages I offer and much more.

Immediately I decided to give myself a definitive answer on our intentions that we left the same day after having already defined all definable times, excluded.

After some time we met again, once confirmed in the hours.

Finally everything was ready, we could proceed calmly.

On their wedding day, like many others, it was quiet, it breathed a harmonious and relaxed air, a day that was not dragged too much by oversized emotions.

Everything has passed nicely, thanks also to the musical accompaniment that kept the guests company during the aperitif and later, when the cake was cut.

Lisa and Giacomo are two wonderful boys, who have realized many dreams and many still have to realize them.

I can only thank them first of all for giving me the opportunity to enter, not on their wedding day, but in their eternal memory, thanks to my photographs which will be an indelible memory in their future.

Thank you very much and thanks also to those who made this possible:

– Wedding dress and groom’s dress: Massimo Boutique, Livorno (LI)
– Wedding rings and jewels: Mirko Bracci Gioielli, San Vincenzo (LI) –
– Floral and bouquet decorations: G & G Fiorista, Cecina (LI)
– Wedding hairstyle: Alessia Style, Donoratico (LI)
– Wedding make-up: Estetica Tresjolie, Donoratico (LI)
– Music: Blue Licks, Livorno (LI)
– Location and cake: I Ginepri Hotel, Marina di Castagneto Carducci (LI)
– Participations and favors: Il Laboratorio degli Eventi, Donoratico (LI)

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