Alessio Nobili, www.alessionobili.it
Alessio Nobili, www.alessionobili.it
Alessio Nobili, www.alessionobili.it
Alessio Nobili, www.alessionobili.it
Alessio Nobili, www.alessionobili.it
26th Maggio 2018

Teresa & Marco

Everything starts in September 2017 when I receive a message from Teresa.

From there, as I usually do, after sending the quote and receiving their feedback, we met in Cecina (LI) at the beginning of 2018 to define all the details of the service.

I immediately realized how much these guys were at hand and available to me, which is not a small thing.

The time until the arrival of the wedding day was smooth; a relief for Teresa who was assailed by the anxiety that something was wrong.

We met with the groom on the morning of 05/24/2018 at 08.30 am at his mother’s house in San Pietro in Palazzi (LI), and after taking pictures of Marco’s dressing my colleague and I headed to ‘Tornese hotel of Marina di Cecina (LI), where the bride was waiting for us.

After having photographed the dress and clothing of the future bride we moved to the relais “La Pieve Vecchia”, located in Riparbella (PI), a lovely place surrounded by nature, where the bride and groom could do both the ceremony and the reception thanks to the church inside the relais.

Everything went well and after saying the fateful “yes” we sat at the table accompanied by a beautiful piano bar with karaoke.

Once at the cake we gathered the guests for a very original photo and immediately afterwards we headed with the spouses to Casale Marittimo (PI) and then to Marina di Bibbona (LI), where together with my colleague we indulged ourselves creating very special situations. of emotions.

On our return to the relais there was the buffet and then, in addition to photos with all the guests, the ritual of throwing the bouquet.

Our work ended at 11.00 pm with so much fatigue, but we were sure that we have immortalized this beautiful day in the best way.

First of all, I thank the spouses Teresa Ferraro and Marco Terreni for hiring me and for the trust they have given me, but a big thank you goes to my collaborator Elia Micheletti for the splendid job accomplished, which immediately was appreciated also by the spouses.

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